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130 Fleet Street
  • Complete stripping out of existing finishes and services throughout the building. 
  • Demolition of existing lift shaft and infilling floors on all levels. 
  • Major structural alterations to form a new lift shaft and lift lobbies, involving major temporary works.
  • Removal of the existing roof, and rebuilding under a temporary roof over the whole building. 
  • New lift installation in the new shaft and fitting out of newly formed lift lobbies. 
  • Extensive refurbishment and high quality fitting out of office spaces including full services installations. 
  • Window replacement and overhauling. 
  • Access for materials deliveries and removal of debris via external hoist and gantry. 

This project won the 2008 Gold Award under the City of London Considerate Contractor Scheme. 

Leafgreen Estates Ltd. 

Contract Administer:
Eden Resource Management Ltd 

Jane Duncan Architects 

Quantity Surveyor:
Roger Rawlinson Associates 

Services Consultants:
Furness Green Partnership 

Structural Engineer:


Procurement Route:
Negotiation / Tender 

Contract Period:
34 weeks